YEA Jamboree November 11, 2015

Eagle High School, Kuna High School, and New Plymouth High School


$6 adults
$4 students/seniors/elementary

This is not a regular season game so no passes work for Jamborees. This is sanctioned by the YEA and all proceeds go to them.

Locker rooms:
​Assignments are as follows:
​​New Plymouth—Southwest

​​New Plymouth—Blue

​6:00pm Kuna vs. New Plymouth
​6:30pm​ Eagle vs. New Plymouth
​7:00pm Eagle vs. Kuna

​First team listed will sit on west bench (closest to the parking lot). Second team listed will sit on east bench.

​Each session will consist of two 8 minute quarters with a minute break in between. At the end of each session, there will be a five minute break before the next session begins.

Good luck to all teams and thank you for coming!

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